how to change bypass hose on 2005 Nissan Quest Van

The water bypass C shaped hose between the CYl heads in the middle of the timing cover and long top radatior hose need to be removed.

The bypass hose is connected to the thermostat water inlet on one end, and to the intake manifold water outlet on the other.


Drain the radiator and recycle engine coolant.
Remove the upper radiator hose bracket bolt and remove the bracket.

Remove the bolt from the A/C high pressure line bracket at the front of the engine.
Remove the two A/C accumulator/drier bracket bolts.
Position the accumulator/drier and A/C line out of the way.
Remove the bypass hose clamp and remove the hose from the water inlet.
Remove the four water inlet bolts and remove the inlet.
Remove the thermostat from the inlet.

To install:

Clean and dry the water inlet and thermostat housing mating surfaces.
Apply a continuous bead of RTV silicone sealant 0.08-0.12 inch (2.0-3.0mm) wide to the water inlet mating surface.

The water inlet must be installed within 5 minutes of applying the sealant.

Install the thermostat in the water inlet, with the jiggle valve at the topmost (12 o'clock) position.
Install the water inlet to the thermostat housing. Install the bolts and tighten them to 12-15 ft. lbs. (16-21 Nm).
Install the bypass hose to the water inlet, using a new clamp.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the bypass hose clamps and remove the hose. In some cases, the bypass plumbing uses a pipe instead of a rubber hose. These pipes, or hoses, are located near the thermostat housing. Follow the upper radiator hose to the entry port on the engine. Usually the thermostat is located inside the engine, in a housing where the upper hose is attached. The bypass hose is below the housing. The bypass hose is always much smaller than the radiator hose.

This are types of hoses:---

To see bigger view see below:---


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