hood release cable broken on dodge stealth rt



This is the cable:---

This problem is anticipated to occur. What you have to do is get under the front of the car, maybe jack up the front end to give you some working space and put it on jack stands for safety, and with the help of a light look up to see the underside of the hood in the area just behind the radiator. Then you should see the latch mechanism. It has hook-shaped safety catch and to the right of that is a vertical lever with a slot cut in its under side where the release cable that comes from the side, and its end "nut" are inserted into the slot of the release lever. Find that release lever, then take a long screwdriver or prybar and press on it sideways in the direction of the left side of the car which should cause the latch to release and then allow you to open the hood. You may also see a wire handle in the immediate area which you can move backward to release the safety hook.
You can buy a new complete cable from the dealer and replace the old one. You have to remove the door sill and the release lever assembly in the cabin and thread the cable out backwards through a hole that passes thru the firewall under the brake master cylinder. Attach a string to the front end of the cable before pulling it through the firewall, then untie the string and use it to pull the new cable forward thru the wall.
This is how it is done.
It sounds like the clip the joins the release lever to the latch is broke. This what it looks like


Service Procedure:

1. Release the hood latch and open the hood.

2. Disconnect the handle-to-latch rod at the secondary latch.

3. Remove the secondary latch mounting bolt (Figure 1).

4. Remove and discard the latch from the hood.

5. Install the new secondary latch and tighten mounting bolt to 95 in. lbs. 11 Nm)

6. Connect the handle-to-latch rod onto the new secondary latch.

7. Cycle the secondary latch several times to ensure that it operates freely.

8. Close the hood and unlatch the primary hood latch. Without touching the secondary latch, pull up on the hood vigorously several times to ensure that the secondary latch engages properly.

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