Blower motor fan not working on 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

Its quite possible that problem is blower motor fan wires, blower motor fuse, blower motor resistor, blower motor resistor connector or blower motor itself.---------

Click this link below and go through the testing and diagrams:---

It's probably the cable assembly (gray connector) located directly below the glove compartment storage on the passenger side. It's a known problem and usually is the result of the passenger's foot hitting the cable and causing the wire to short out. If you disconnect the cable and reconnect it, it'll usually work for a while (until it gets hit by a foot).


If the open is beyond the blower motor you will have power on the orange wire as the power will travel from the brown wire through the motor to the orange wire. If the motor is open you will have power to the brown wire but not to the orange wire. Be sure to check the connectors closely as they melt and burn up causing high resistance in the connection.
We have power now to the brown and not orange. That should mean that the fan is burned up, correct?


The connection is bad or the blower is open - correct

You can check across the brown to orange wires and if you have full battery voltage the blower motor needs to be replaced.


Well we finally got a fan. It is new, and has not cured the problem. NOW WHAT.


Yes check for voltage with a testlight at the brown wire, if there is a good light there check the orange wire, do this with the blower plugged in. You say the relay and fuse are good, swap them with like components and test for voltage, an ohmeter is useless in the automotive enviroment due to stray voltages and parallel paths.

Let me know about voltage on the brown and orange wires.

14.2 volts on both wires

Ok then you now have a complete path through the blower motor, what happens if you run a jumper wire from ground to the orange wire? If the blower works the problem may be the ground of the switch. To check that run your meter from the black wire at the switch to the negative battery terminal and have the switch in the high position, the key on and see how much voltage is shown on the meter. If you have more than 0.50 volts there is a problem in the ground

Let me know if the blower runs with the jumper, if it does not no need to check the switch. If it does run let me know how much voltage is in the ground of the switch

Jumper worked. Blower blows. The switch/head unit is brand new from dealer. Am I understanding correctly that you are saying the ground going to the switch is the issue...not the switch itself.--------

Yes very correct.

here are two possibilities,

Connector 201 is between the switch and ground and there is a splice pack SP 106

Check the connectors or just splice a jumper to the black wire but this carries 30 amps so it has to be a great connection or it will burn up.

Here is connector 201



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