Turn signals, brake light and horn not working on softail deluxe?

I faced same problem few days back on my softtail, and this is what helped me , to resolve this issue :----
I started out by making sure that the battery hot and ground were making it to the connector for the Turn Signal Module. This showed me that I had a little over 12 volts hitting the connector. I then switched the hot lead to the turn signal input from the handle bar switch. If I got a reading in the Turn Signal Module connector from that end, then I would check from the Turn Signal Module and beyond. There was no response when I hit the turn signal switch. Ok, this told me that either the connection was broken between the switch and the connector, or the connection was broken prior to the turn signal switch. I pulled the turn signal switch off the handle bar and checked for voltage. None. Ok that means the connection is broken prior to the switch. I went ahead and check the ignition switch on the main console.... Aha! No juice coming out, but 12 volts going in. I pulled the switch and found a lot of corrosion. I cleaned it with Gun Scrubber and then coated it with Boeshield. Works like a charm now.

No need to replace the Turn Signal Module and the connections work fine now.

This fixed the two turn signals, the horn and the brake light. Pretty amazing how things can get so screwed up by just a little water.


The other user too faced this problem, solved his problem as follows :---

I found the problem!
I traced the wires the old fashioned way, by DVM (Digital Volt Meter) and found the problem. It was no pinched wires, no blown fuse, but the ignition switch apparently cannot take much of a thump without breaking one of the contact points. Harley has a great color coded wiring scheme and if you have the “no turn signals, no horn, and no brake lights” scenario then check the hot side of the accessory fuse that powers those components. The fuse is in the bottom second to last column as you face the fuse panel. Take a DVM or analog volt meter and see if your hot side – left side of the fuse with a red with blue strip wire feeding it - shows 12V’s with the ignition turned on. If you don’t have power there, you probably have a bad ignition switch.

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