How to Replace an Automatic Transmission on car/ truck?

Do as follows:----
Check transmission fluid level, fill if necessary.Road test the vehicle.Get transmission to shift through all gears.Disconnect the negative battery cable.Disconnect the transmission throttle linkage at the vehicle carburetor/throttle body.Remove the oil filler tube.Park the vehicle on a solid level surface to ensure that it does not roll or lean when raised.Jack up the front of the vehicle. Every vehicle comes from the factory with a jack.Disconnect all the wiring connectors from the starter, solenoid, backup switches and sensors.Disconnect the starter wiring at the starter.Remove the starter mounting bolts and remove the starter.Drain the transmission fluid.Disconnect any exhaust pipe and cross tubes that may be in the way of the transmission. The exhaust pipe will need to be removed at the exhaust manifold.Disconnect the shift linkage from the transmission.Disconnect the speedometer cable from the transmission and zip tie it out of the way.For rear wheel drive vehicles, place a mark on the rear driveshaft flange and the pinion flange since they will need to be lined up upon reinstallation.Remove the driveshaft by unbolting the U-Joints.Disconnect the transmission oil cooler lines if equipped.Position a transmission jack under the transmission.Remove the transmission mount that is bolted to the transmission crossmember.Lift the transmission up to release pressure on the mount.Unbolt the transmission crossmember bolts.
Remove the crossmember.

Lower the transmission until you can use the chain to secure the transmission to the transmission jack.

Remove the engine flex plate cover to gain access to the transmission and engine bolts.

Remove any shields or covers to gain access to the torque converter bolts.

Turn the crankshaft as needed until all the torque converter bolts are removed.

Remove the transmission to engine mounting bolts.

Pull the transmission backwards until it clears the engine.

Once the transmission is removed use a bungee cord or wire to secure the torque converter to the transmission bell housing.

Pull the transmission back and lower it at the same time.

Once the transmission is removed you will need to remove the torque converter.

Put a large drain pan under the transmission and torque converter.

Pull the torque converter out of the transmission housing and allow the fluid to drain.

Fill the torque converter with new transmission fluid.

Push the torque converter inward while rotating it into the transmission.

Measure the distance on each side of the torque converter to the transmission to make sure it is lined up properly.

Raise the transmission and align with the engine.

Push the transmission into the engine using the guide pins to line up.

Install and tighten the torque converter bolts.

Tighten the transmission mounting bolts to the engine. Check the vehicle specifications for torque specs.

Lift the transmission up and install the crossmember.

Tighten the transmission crossmemeber.

Install the transmission mount.

Lower the transmission until the weight is supported on the mount and tighten the mount.

Install the oil filler tube.

Reconnect the exhaust tube to the exhaust manifold, make sure you use new exhaust donut gaskets.

Connect any transmission cooler lines.

Reinstall the engine cover.

Reconnect the throttle linkage and shift linkage.

Connect any wiring that was removed or connected to the transmission.

Connect the speedometer cable.

Reconnect the driveshaft.

Add the specified manufacturer recommended transmission fluid. Do not overfill.

Lower the vehicle.

Start the vehicle and shift through all the transmission gears. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

Recheck the fluid level and adjust as needed.

Check under the vehicle for any leaks once the vehicle is warmed up.

Road test the vehicle and check for leaks again.

After road testing the vehicle make sure to check the dip stick fluid level and fill as needed.


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